Hi, I'm Yara !  

I am a full time student going into university in September to start my undergraduate Psychology Degree. I have always been an active person from a young age but gradually started to lose interest in fitness as I began to prioritise my studies.




 Going into lockdown made me fall in love with fitness again: it reminded me that being active isn’t just beneficial to your physical health but also your mental health. I started my fitness page simply as a way to track my progress but as it gained followers and people showed interest in my fitness journey I started to make personalised 2/6 week plans for people. The fact that a small fitness page which I started for myself began to help and benefit others makes me really happy.




 Whilst doing my degree I plan on doing a personal training course on the side to turn my passion of fitness into a purpose to help other people. I have a few people that I make 2 week and 6 week home workout plans for with a small fee and they have been super supportive of my page.




 Vottion is a company that has been supportive of my page since the day I started it. I love the variety of collections, colours and sizes. Great customer service is so important to me and I have always received the best customer care and support from all members of the Vottion Team. I recommend their products to so many people, not just because I am an ambassador but because I truly do love their gym wear.




 I plan to continue my fitness journey with Vottion by my side and hopefully as I gain more progress on my page you guys will also join the Vottion team.




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