Hi, I'm Tia!   tia.fitt

I only started my fitness journey seriously this year to gain confidence in myself mentally and physically. Fitness has now become my main hobby I workout because I enjoy it, so much so that people often think it’s part of my career but I just have a genuine passion for it.

What motivates me is my previous self, I look back at before pictures and remember how far I’ve come and that pushes me to keep going even if I’m not feeling too motivated. I also love nice gym wear - I find that new, gorgeous gym clothes make me want to work out because I want to wear them.



That’s part of the reason I wanted to work with Vottion because the pieces are all stunning and I’m proud to support a smaller business who have created high quality but affordable clothes. I’m not sure where I want to go in the future in terms of fitness but I plan to get back into the gym and start gaining muscle as I’ve been toning up during lockdown, I can’t wait to see my physique change and look and feel stronger.





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