Hi, I’m Steph!

I’m 18 years old. A few hobbies of mine is piano, guitar and going to the gym.

The reason why i’m so passionate and motivated about fitness and working out is because when i was 16 I turned very ill and got diagnosed with a very severe rare chronic illness called Myasthenia Gravis. Myasthenia Gravis is an illness in which your body believes that your muscles are a foreign object within your body so your antibodies attack it - this means I get fatigued easily and can end up very very weak to the point i can’t hold my own neck up in bed, hold my arms up in a shower, stand, walk, eat or talk).

This ended up in me being hospitalised for 8 months, leading to 4 failed intubations which then also lead me to have my first tracheostomy. Then they found out I actually had a tumour in my thymus gland and I got surgery to get this removed January 29th 2019 which then shortly lead to my 2nd tracheostomy.



I finally got discharged from being in hospital for 8 months at the end of March 2019. By the end of April 2019 I began going to the gym and started building up my strength. I figured that if I wanted a faster recovery I needed to put it the effort to build back all the muscle I lost from being hospitalised. I then got a nutritionist and a PT (personal trainer) to help me through the first few months of getting back into things and it really intrigued me the way my body could change so quickly.

Working out helped dampen my symptoms and a few months after I started going to the gym everyday all my symptoms gone away and I no longer had to take medication to control it.  Ever since then I’ve really decided to take care in my health and well-being and part of this is keeping my fitness levels up.



It’s fascinating to me to think that over a year ago I couldn’t eat, talk or walk but now I can lift immensely heavy weights and train for hours on end. I believe that our bodies are beautiful and amazing in the ways that we can change it for the better.

The reason I chose to collaborate with vottion is because I loved exploring and trying new gym wear and once I tried vottion on, it honestly just had my heart. The quality is amazing and it’s not too pricey at all!

In the future I would love to go off and study accounting and finance at uni whilst also doing a nutrition and PT course along the way.


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