Hi, I’m Sophie!  sophiecolton_ Politicsblog

I’m 19 years old and am currently studying politics at the University of Warwick. In my free time, I enjoy writing for my politics blog, reading and going to the gym.



I have always been pretty active since I was little. I started by playing netball in primary school which I continued to secondary school. Once I was chosen for a cross country in year 8, and struggled to complete it, I decided to take exercise a bit more seriously. I started running with my dad and joined a gym. Whilst I did go to the gym, I didn’t notice my body improving.

When I got to university, I started to drift away from cardio and instead, started to lift weights. Through having a boyfriend that is a powerlifter for his university, I have been supported when it comes to technique- particularly with squats and deadlifts. In the distance of a few months, I have doubled my squat weight and tripled my deadlifting weight- all because I learnt about technique. I have loved getting stronger, it has motivated me to continue.



Throughout my journey with fitness, I have trained a lot of my friends. I take pride in being the one that they turn to for fitness advice and new ways of training. I love adapting exercises in order to suit them and their fitness levels. Over time, I have noticed many of them begin to push themselves and get more confidence.



Gym wear, to me, is very important. It helps you feel confident when working out. When I discovered Vottion, I couldn’t believe how affordable their gym wear was compared to other brands. In addition to this, the quality is amazing. Their gym wear is very flattering, and figure hugging. It comes in many different colours to suit everyone, from people who like to be bright, to people who prefer more subtle colours. I am proud to be an ambassador for them and cannot wait to watch them get bigger!

If anyone has any questions regarding anything, feel free to message me on Instagram.





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