Hi, I’m Seren!   Xsergriffx sgfitnessx


I’m 20 years old and I’m from Mid-Wales. I’m a 2nd year student at Liverpool John Moores University studying media production (going into my 3rd in September).

So ever since I was in school I’ve always been a sporty person and wanted to carry on with staying fit. I love going to the gym, home workouts, going for a run or a long walk, anything that’ll keep me active.
Recently I made a fitness account and that is what keeps me motivated and a lot more active due to having to update everyone about my progress, it pushes me and get to what I want to look like.



I chose to collaborate and be a brand ambassador for Vottion because it is an amazing brand. I wanted to be a brand ambassador to company for a while and when I came across Vottion and what they are/do, I immediately wanted to be a big help to the company as I love working out and I also love a lush gym wear set either to lounge around in or to be active in, and that’s exactly what the company provides.

My future plan would be to continue working with Vottion as a brand ambassador, and to graduate from university and work in the media production industry to where I can eventually produce my own work with film and photography.





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