Hi, I’m Nicola!  happybody22

I’m 30 and I’m a food nutrition and health teacher, so I obviously love my food! My main hobby is cooking and creating healthy recipes, but I have also just started running and really want to try and keep it up. 

I’ve always gone to the gym on and off, but I’ve never really stuck to it. Since becoming a food nutrition and health teacher I have learnt so much about the food we eat and what is good and bad for the body. By changing my diet I have found that I have so much more energy and I am starting to see the results of a healthy diet combined with manageable workouts, which really keeps me motivated! 

I really love the Vottion work out sets, they are so comfortable, supportive, squat proof and affordable! I think that buying gym clothes that you love can really help with motivation and I can safely say these clothes make you want to work out. 

 I’m also really excited to be working with Vottion to share some of my cooking so keep an eye out if you are interested in healthy but tasty recipes!




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