Hi, I’m Niamh!   niamh_clarke73

I am 23 years old and a product design graduate.
As a young girl I have always enjoyed being active I enjoyed swimming, athletics and running when I was young. However, growing up I have found it difficult at times to stay active and motivated.

This year I got a lot of motivation back and decided that I definitely wanted to become more active again, mainly as exercise helps my mental health a lot. Throughout quarantine 2020 staying active has become part of my routine. I like to do home workouts as I find this not only helps with my physical appearance but also helps my mental health.

I choose to collab with Vottion as I love their gym wear , it is really comfy , the material is very stretchy, the quality is great and they have lots of different styles and colours to choose from! I have also struggled greatly in the past with finding a sports bra which is stylish but also supportive especially when working out and when I tried Vottion I was very pleased with the support and comfort.








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