Katie Howard


Hi, I'm Katie!     Katie_getting_fit_not_fat

I got back into fitness, as I set myself a challenge of completing a half marathon a couple of days before my 30th. I then caught the bug and I love running and fitness. I've since completed 2 full marathons, a few half marathons and plenty of 5k and 10k races.





As well as running, I love going to the gym and have a love/hate relationship with HIIT. Fitness for me is my time to get away from every day life and not only keeps my body fit and healthy, but also helps with my mental health.





I chose to be an ambassador for Vottion because I love their fitness clothing. They are good quality items and they fit so well. I never used to wear shorts, but I absolutely love the Vottion ones! I love that the brand represents all women, no matter what their size, age or colour is ❤





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