Hi, I’m Immi!  Immi_ellen

I’m a Marine Conservation student and I am currently working as part of a team who test patients for COVID-19. In my spare time I love heading out for a run, playing tennis, going to the gym along with creating abstract art pieces!

I’ve had a love hate relationship with going to the gym and working out! I never felt confident and use to compare my abilities to others I saw. However, over time with the right personal trainers and friends around me I’ve not been able to get enough of it, and now love working on a new circuit and hitting new goals!


I think it is very important when you workout you do it for yourself, and not the gratification of others, as well as surrounding yourself with a great support network, will help you to improve yourself not just physically But also mentally.
If any of you guys have felt or feel like this, jump on to my insta and give me a message, I’d love to hear your story and will be a part of your support network if you need one ☀️

I chose to collaborate with Vottion, because after trying on their gym wear I fell in love with the quality, along with the snug fit of their leggings which makes them amazing for running as there is no slip! Their prices are also amazing and so affordable too!!




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