Hi, I’m Holly! _hollyfitness1

I’m 21 years old. I currently work for the NHS as a project manager to build a new hospital. I have recently started getting into modelling and now have my own website! 

 I love going to the gym in my spare time. The beach is definitely my favourite place and somewhere I will go at all times of the year! I spend a lot of time socialising with friends and family too. 

 I am trying to improve my lifestyle overall by eating healthier and exercising more than I used to. I still have days/weeks I don’t eat well or train but everyone has those because it isn’t sustainable to be healthy 24/7. 



 I used to go to the gym a lot and stopped but in Feb 2020 I started getting back into it and this time with a personal trainer who set up plans for me. This kept me a lot more motivated than last time because I knew the workout plan was set up for my goals and what I wanted to achieve rather than just working out for an hour with no real plan or goal in mind. Something else that has kept me motivated is when I created my fitness Instagram account. This keeps me accountable for my diet and exercise. 



 When I first came across Vottion the first thing I noticed is how affordable their gym wear is! Once I started scrolling through the website, I fell in love with it all. Such a good range of items there’s definitely something there for everyone! When my order arrived, I was so happy that the quality was really good! The leggings are squat proof and not see through at all. Even down to the packaging it came in was lovely! I’m so happy to be representing this brand! 




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