Hi, I’m Ellece!   Ellececooper.x

I chose to collaborate with Vottion as it is a brand with specialises in gym where which I live in however in the future. I would intended to be a personal trainer and to have my own fitness page to help influence and inspire other people to find the motivation to workout .

As a younger child a lot of people would comment on my weight and size and would say that I was “anorexic”. However this was not the case but people would use that against me which helped motivate myself to become better.

 Not only does gym help change your body imagine or things that you may not be so comfortable with , but it helps with a Better mind out and out look into life.

As a person my hobbies would be classed as working out, playing a lot of sport and spending time with friends and family. Vottion allows me to have comfortable adorable gym wear for all occasions.




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