Hi, I’m Debbie!  dksalvo_fitness 

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness, doing every kind of class under the sun or at the gym from Latin dancing, Body Pump, Spinning etc. However, after starting my career as a university lecturer in London, it became apparent that I need something that would help me boost my confidence and become more outgoing - and that’s when trained and qualified as a Les Mills Body Combat and later Body Pump instructor! Two years later, I’m more into keeping fit than ever and trying lots of different exercises; from Muay Thai to Callisthenics!

What I noticed in the fitness industry though, was the stigma that a lot of big brands imposed about being tough and perfect. Vottion however doesn’t push that obligation that is a true expression of wanting to be fit for the sake of health and fun - you can tell just from the brand logo! Vottion gives the high quality exercise equipment at an affordable price, making health and exercise available to everyone, just as it should be!



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