Hi, I’m Cora!    cora_okane

I am 23 years old, I am a special needs assistant and an owner of a small beauty salon. My hobbies include socialising with friends and family and of course the gym especially weight training.




My biggest motivator would be my previous self, I was never overly heavy but I always hated my body image and that’s what started my journey of joining a personal trainer. If I’m ever having a down day I would look after at previous photos and see how far I have come and that helps to keep me motivated. Exercising really boosts my mood as well, I always keep great after a hard session. My PT is a big motivator for me as he constantly encourages me to keep going and helps give me the confidence to go find new personal bests lifts etc.



I live in gym wear and when I came across Vottion, I loved the variety of gym wear they had the colours that where available. The gear is so affordable and the quality of the sets are insane. I’m not sure what my plans are for the future, my coach has encouraged me to take part in a powerlifting competition but we will see what happens. For now I am excited to see my physique change and to gain muscle. I want to get my body to an image I love and to look and feel strong.





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