Hi, I’m Bethany!  Bethanyhargreaves_xx

I love to try and keep fit by eating healthy and trying many different ab, legs and booty workout. I’ve recently had a baby so I’m slowly trying to get my stomach muscles back and strong💪🏼. I love trying different workouts as I love seeing the outcome of the workout too☺️. Another one of my hobbies is horse riding as this can be really good exercise too and this is also gets me out into the fresh air.

I chose to collaborate with Vottion because I love their style of gym wear and as I am a small petite girl the gym wear fit perfectly on me and I’ve found it so hard for the perfect fit so I decided to take the opportunity and not only better myself but to help this amazing company too by showing my followers how good their gym wear is🤩my future plans with Vottion would hopefully one day be able to design my own gym wear alongside this company for people to purchase as the material and sizing is perfect!



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