Hi, I'm Becky!     Fitness_and_huskies

My fitness journey so far has mostly consisted of weight training, HIIT workouts and yoga! I have recently fallen in love with CrossFit training and its workout methodology.  I also love baking, especially creating nutritious post-workout meals and treats and working them into my plant based lifestyle. 





My main motivation is the way I feel after eating clean and working out...positive, energised and confident. Sometimes if I have energy left over and share this with friends and family so they to can live long healthy lives. I love learning new things and coming up with new workout plans to keep me moving and challenging my fitness. I have recently ventured into the YouTube world to help share my energy and love for this lifestyle and hope to help motivated and inspire others.





I’m so excited to be collaborating with Vottion as they have a great selection of gym wear styles. With a Husky as the logo I was sold from the get go ! they are always impressing me by their quality, prices and customer service!
Go ahead and get those gains !



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