Hi, I’m Abigail  abigail.westhorpe

My hobbies are: working out in classes such as circuits, insanity or bootcamp, i also enjoy meeting up with my friends and going on walks with my mum.

Motivation: I used to do a lot of fitness classes in my village before moving to uni and enjoyed them a lot and seeing my progress from them helps motivate me now as it shows me I can do it. Also looking on instagram at some fitness accounts I follow helps me, although I don’t follow a lot as they can get you down. The fact I enjoy working out motivates me sometimes as I want to do it and I don’t force it.

I chose to collaborate with Vottion as I thought it would be something new to try & I also love new workout clothes as once you get them it motivates you more to workout.

Future Plans: I am currently at Leeds Beckett University studying childhood development and playwork, in the future i’d love to work as a Play Specialist in a hospital and help support children and their families throughout their hospital visit.




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